Maritime businesses' need for space at land and sea

Mapping and analysis of maritime businesses’ need for land and water areas in the Gothenburg region, Orust and Uddevalla.

Representatives from the eight municipalities in the area have, among other things, identified increased knowledge about the maritime industries' land and water needs as a need in spatial planning.

The purpose of this survey is to deepen the picture of the maritime industries in the area, what differences exist between different sectors, which location factors are decisive, and how the companies estimate their future surface needs.

The purpose is to inform the municipalities' physical planning in the coastal zone and provide funding for continued work towards efficient and prudent land and water use. The survey was conducted for three months in early 2021 in the form of targeted and open surveys and follow-up telephone interviews with selected businesses.

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Ramboll produced this report after ordering from the Gotheburg region (GR).


The European Commission via Interreg Baltic Sea, the Gothenburg region's sub-project is also funded by the Swedish Maritime Administration.

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